Nov 17th, 2023

FKB’s John Gizunterman Successfully Obtained Summary Judgment And Dismissal Of Plaintiff’s Medical Malpractice Action Against FKB Clients, A New York City Hospital And A Physiatrist Affiliated With The Facility

FKB’s John Gizunterman successfully obtained summary judgment and dismissal of plaintiff’s medical malpractice action against FKB clients, a New York City hospital and a physiatrist affiliated with the facility.

This action involved allegations of failure to timely diagnose infection following a craniotomy. In obtaining the dismissal FKB successfully argued that the treating provider properly cared for the patient subsequent to surgery and there was no reason to suspect infection during the course of the hospital’s treatment.

If you have any questions about this decision, or the defense of medical malpractice actions in general, please contact John Gizunterman.