Aug 18th, 2020


In response to the food shortage crisis confronting New Yorkers due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Furman Kornfeld & Brennan LLP is fundraising for NYP CHALK to help feed our fellow New Yorkers who have been suffering due to the coronavirus pandemic. NYP CHALK is an organization that helps children learn about healthy and active lifestyles. NYP CHALK is also doing great work around food insecurity in Northern Manhattan and the Bronx, COVID-19 hotspots where families have lost employment and become food insecure. NYP-CHALK and Corbin Hill Food Project are working together to provide free farm shares to families in need.

Our donations will provide 120 food insecure families with fresh, high quality, locally grown vegetables, fruits, eggs and beans once a month. In addition, our donations will also support food delivery to immunocompromised participants.

Your donation to this worthy cause will help feed and sustain your fellow New Yorkers who have struggled to feed themselves and their families during this pandemic.

To learn more about NYP-CHALK, please visit:

To learn more about Corbin Hill Food Project, please visit:

To donate click here.