Product Liability Litigation

FKB attorneys have successfully defended complex product liability claims from inception through trial. We work closely with manufacturers, importers and distributors to address scientific and technical issues in the courtroom, including expert testimony, e-discovery and Daubert motions. We regularly advise, represent, and defend our clients dealing with a broad range of areas, including consumer products, industrial chemicals, medical devices, toys, food and beverages, pharmaceuticals, building products and heavy equipment. In addition, our lawyers counsel and defend clients during investigations by state and federal regulatory agencies.

Our practice is dynamic and covers all aspects of product liability, including risk prevention, risk management and compliance with product safety rules and regulations. We assist clients with drafting and updating warnings to comply with government regulations and reduce exposure to civil liabilities. When faced with product failures, we work closely with the client and experts to determine the most successful resolution to any claims to suit the client’s objectives.