Nursing Home Liability

Furman Kornfeld & Brennan LLP has extensive nursing home liability experience. FKB has defended numerous nursing home liability cases involving pressure ulcers, resident falls, claims of negligent hiring/supervision by nursing homes, loss of dignity claims, nutrition and hydration, wrongful death, record tampering, and many others.

FKB’s attorneys are knowledgeable regarding the applicable Federal and State Statutes that govern nursing homes and their operations. FKB’s attorneys are apprised of all new developments in both case law and statutory regulations pertaining to nursing homes in order to provide the best possible defense for its clients. FKB understands the importance of conducting an early comprehensive claim investigation to formulate a successful defense strategy.

FKB’s extensive medical malpractice experience is an important asset when defending nursing home claims as they often involve issues of medical care departures, the prescription of contra-indicated medications, negligent wound care resulting in ulcer or abscess, failure to prevent the development and/or the progression of ulcers and failure to timely diagnose infections, fractures and other conditions. This experience has afforded us the opportunity to have relationships with various geriatric specialists, nurse practitioners and other nursing home experts who assist us in the defense of these cases.

FKB recognizes the current nationwide trend toward increases in nursing home liability and has developed risk management programs to address them to limit exposure to existing clients. By implementing an aggressive and proactive approach to defending nursing homes we have obtained excellent results.